[chirp_users] CHIRP 0.1.7b5

Mark Kyle
Mon Oct 20 04:10:54 PDT 2008

Hi Dave

I cant get V1.6 or 1.5 to connect to my radio it just sits there waiting to
download. I am using winxp service pack 2...the std Icom software works
fine. Any ideas


Mark Kyle

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G'day Dan,

> I just posted 0.1.7b5 in the usual spot if you're interested in trying
it out:

Here are some of my initial tests on the IC-92AD.

> Please remember to backup your radios before playing. 

I really think this should be your standard disclaimer :)

> - Added some better logging to help debug issues

Hopefully this will tell you why it crashed here :D

> - Added All/None/Inverse select buttons to import dialog

Confirmed. Thanks for adding that.  I deleted Mem 50 from my radio and
tried to Import Mem 50 from my ic2820.img file (created in 0.1.7b4).  I
was able to select the appropriate memory but when I pressed the go
button chirpw crashed and the entry was not written to the radio.  I've
sent you the debug log separately and it is the last set of entries in
the log. 

> - Added editing of the MYCALL list in the radio

MYCALL entries are now displaying correctly, which they weren't in
previous versions.  Although I can Add/Remove entries to the list, I
can't Edit an existing entry.  The same occurs for both the Your
Callsign and Repeater Callsign fields.  As soon as I make a change in
the MYCALL field then CHIRP re-reads all 400 of the memories again,
which can take a couple of minutes to complete in the background.  If I
make 2 changes then it re-reads the complete contents twice.

> - Added memory shifting, which lets you insert a hole in the middle of
>   contiguous memory locations.  Also allows deleting a hole and
>   everything up to fill it.

Yep, CHIRP inserted a new line and incremented all of the memories until
it found a blank space at Mem 31.  In this case I had 400 memories
displayed on the IC92AD Band B and I inserted a new line at memory 29.
What surprised me though was that it then re-read all of the memories
eg: Mems 001 - 400 which took quite a lot of time. Given the content
didn't change below Mem 31 (in this example) does CHIRP need to re-read
all of the other memories?  The same occurred when I deleted (and shift
up) a memory.  Functionally this works, but it is quite slow.

Now to restore my backup :)


Davidt, VK3UR
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