[chirp_users] CHIRP 0.1.7b5

David Tilson
Mon Oct 20 02:44:59 PDT 2008

Further to my last Dan, 

> I deleted Mem 50 from my radio and tried to 
> Import Mem 50 from my ic2820.img file (created in 0.1.7b4).  
> I was able to select the appropriate memory but when I pressed 
> the go button chirpw crashed and the entry was not written to the

I suspect the reason why chirpw crashed was that when I deleted Mem 50
(through chirpw) that the chirpw could no longer talk to the IC92AD as
it was no longer in DV mode on that memory.  I discovered this when I
tried to restore using csvdump and it complained as well.  Setting the
radio to another memory, in DV mode, sorted this out.

I then repeated the experiment, by deleting Mem 50 again, but before I
tried the Import From File function I made sure the radio was set on a
different DV memory.  This time the Import was successful.

If we can get rid of the dependence of having to have the radio sitting
on a DV memory before any transfers take place I think that a lot of
headaches would be minimised :)

I then tried to overwrite an existing Memory using the Import function.
The Confirm Overwrite button was ticked.  When it got to the appropriate
memory it overwrote the existing memory without prompting.  I would have
thought having this field ticked would have prompted before overwriting.
I then unchecked the Confirm Overwrite field and tried again, but once
again it overwrote the data without prompting.

The really good news though is that this version confirms that I was
able to import ic2820 DV memory information into an IC92, which is


Davidt, VK3UR 

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