[chirp_users] csvdump Browse Window - ver 0.1.7b4

Dan Smith
Sat Oct 18 08:03:30 PDT 2008

> I realise that it has probably always been like this, but it really only
> caught my eye recently and thought it might be problematic for new users.

Yeah, it has.  The problem is that with just a single button, it's hard
to tell if the user wants to browse to open a file for importing or save
a file for exporting.  That's probably just a bad design decision on my
part.  Choosing the file should be as part of an import or export action.

Either way, csvdump was intended to be a bare-minimum kickstart for
demonstrating some sort of functionality.  I'd like to phase it out and
just put "Export to CSV" as a menu option in chirpw.


(And thanks for the note about the  mailing list on the wiki :)

Dan Smith
dsmith#danplanet.com, s/#/@/

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