[chirp_users] csvdump Browse Window - ver 0.1.7b4

David Tilson
Sat Oct 18 05:28:39 PDT 2008

G'day Dan,
Well done and thanks for setting up this list.  I think it will be great
to see everyone's input on CHIRP.
When using csvdump, on a Windows platform, and the user presses the
Browse button, to load an existing CSV file, the new window defaults as
if it is a "Save As" screen and offers a Save button.  This may cause
confusion if the user doesn't realise that they can just double click on
the filename to load it, rather than wanting to create a new filename
and save it.  
I realise that it has probably always been like this, but it really only
caught my eye recently and thought it might be problematic for new
davidt, VK3UR
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