[chirp_users] CSV Import

Dan Smith
Wed Nov 26 09:00:26 PST 2008

Hi Dave,

> Not having much luck importing csv into Chirp using the import feature
> (although it is much easier to find the file now with the selectable
> dropdown) Here is a copy of the csv file.  Can someone see what is
> wrong? This file was created from chirp as an export.

It looks like this CSV file was generated with CHIRP before I added the
Tuning Step field to the format.  So, CHIRP is looking for the tuning
step in what is actually the URCALL field and thus is failing to import
each of the lines.

I obviously need to make it report these sorts of failures better, no
question about that.

Anyway, if you insert a column (using Excel or something) after the Mode
field, and before the URCALL field, and put something like "5.0" in
there for each memory, then you should be able to import it.

Further, I'm about to add a couple more columns like skip and bank in
there, which will require another change to existing CSV files.  This is
a good reason why CSV isn't a very practical storage mechanism for
things like this.  The .chirp files can have version information
embedded in them so we can help protect backwards compatibility.

How about I read the first line of the CSV and compare it to the list of
column headers the current version would write out, and throw an error
message if they don't match?  This would help determine that the formats
are incompatible.  The only problem with this is that if you synthesize
a CSV file, you'd have to include that header verbatim, and if you
tweaked it by accident, it would fail to import.

Dave T, you're a heavy CSV user... What would you think about adding
that to the CSV load logic?

Dan Smith
dsmith#danplanet.com, s/#/@/

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