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Dave Cooley
Sun Nov 23 20:10:13 PST 2008

I am not sure if it is even feasible as some of the advantages I see are
rather complex inherent to Excel.
1. The ability to delete and insert columns. This feature is needed when you
resort a channel group and want to re-sequence it. If you keep the channel
numbers the same nothing will change once you reload it to the radio as it
loads by channel number. 
2. Find and replace. If you want to rename channels (with a new naming
convention more suitable to multiple radios) you have to edit each channel.
Excel lets you find a string and replace it in mass.
3. The ability to cut and paste. When setting up call sign routing you copy
one row to multiple rows and then edit just the name and urcall fields. Also
this allows you to move groups of channels from on bank to another.

In that most radio programming is based upon the spreadsheet format, any
spreadsheet functions will make it easier to move and manipulate data.



P.S. I agree with David that having a file type pull down would make it
easier. Also when loading a file it would be very beneficial as you could
look for just .chirp or .csv files  My Two Cents... 

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> I will qualify this though by saying 99%
> of the time I export the files to CSV, manipulate / sort with a text 
> editor (or Excel) and then import back into the radio.

What features and behaviors does the chirp editor need to have to make it
equally or more useful than taking it out into excel and back?

Excel is pretty complex and powerful, so making chirp able to rival the
functionality may not be feasible, but it's a worthwhile discussion, I

Dan Smith
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