[chirp_users] CHIRP 0.1.8b3

Dave Cooley
Sun Nov 23 17:26:41 PST 2008

I had 43 channels after doing some clean up. The channels were in no
specific order. I wanted to sort them alphabetically the renumber. After I
sorted alphabetically, I had 39 channels not 43. In that there is no idiot
function (undo) the were no recoverable. Resorting by channel number
(original arrangement) still revealed only 39 channels. I don't know how you
would duplicate such a thing. Just sorting doesn't seem to change anything. 

Radio - ic-2820h

My end goal objective is to be able to duplicate channel memories between
the different radios. One MAJOR problem still exists though. The ID-800 has
a 6 position name field and the ic-2820 has an 8 digit name field.  This
presents a real problem when you try to incorporate a repeater, port, and
destination into 6 positions. I would like to put it out to the group if
anyone has come up with a naming convention that works for 6 positions. This
is hard when trying to assign channels to call sign routing with multiple
repeaters/ports. The call sign alone can use up all 6 positions.
Using different groups for different repeaters might work but then scanning
becomes a problem.

 A bit off topic but I am struggling with a solution.

Thoughts from the group???????


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> Just to confirm, is group and channel read and write still
> unsuported?  I assumed so as I didn't see any colums for it.

Correct, I haven't done the bank stuff yet.  I wanted to finish out all of
the per-memory properties before I started in on that.

> Also I lost 3 or 4 channels when I sorted by channel number.  Not
> Misplaced just gone......

What does that mean exactly?  Is it repeatable?  Which radio?

I've certainly not seen that, and haven't heard of any trouble with that.
Can anyone confirm that they do/don't see this behavior?

Dan Smith
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