[chirp_users] CHIRP 0.1.7b9

Dan Smith
Tue Nov 4 07:02:21 PST 2008

> Confirmed.  I did notice though that the CSV file does not have a column
> for Tune Step, but it is included as a field in the CHIRP GUI, as well
> as the .chirp export/imports.  By default any memory imported in Band B,
> from a CSV file, is given a Tune Step of 5kHz.

Ah, I need to add that in.

> Confirmed.  One area that I noticed, but you are already aware of, was
> that between exporting to radio.chirp, deleting 2 memories and then
> importing those 2 memories from radio.chirp was that the memories were
> stripped of their "Skip" status.  Not a big deal at the moment.

Yep.  I don't use the skip flag normally, but I know I'll need to cover 
all of these things in the future.  If we can get the GUI bits of 0.1.7 
finished and out the door, I'd like to make 0.1.8 more of a radio 
feature release.  Specifically, I want bank membership and power levels 
to work :)

> I've attached the debug log as it complained quite frequently about a
> short, unknown block.

That's usually a result of a low battery.  I haven't changed anything in 
that layer to cause any different behavior, so I imagine that's what 
you're seeing.  I need to add in some retry logic to catch that specific 
problem and try the memory again.

So, how about one more beta with tune step in the CSV and then call it 
good? :)

Dan Smith
dsmith#danplanet.com, s/#/@/

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