[chirp_users] Yaesu FTM6000 support - not yet. Perhaps I can help?

Stephen Hersey
Tue May 16 09:46:20 PDT 2023

I've used Chirp for my HTs now for many years (thanks, developers!), and
recently bought a Yaesu FTM6000 dual-band mobile. Its primary deficiency
from my point of view is that it isn't supported by Chirp, for which reason
I bought a third-party programming program and serial cable made by RT

I'm not a fan of their business model of "Spend another $60 for a different
(but actually near-identical) programming utility for every one of your
different radios," so I view this as a one-time thing, and a way to give
back by achieving Chirp support for this model.

I would be delighted to use this equipment and my embedded
hardware/software development skills to bring about Chirp support for this
radio, but I would need some help  from someone familiar with Chirp
internals. In particular, my Python skills are rudimentary; I can write
Python, but it's not my best language. Implementing this support on my own
seems rather daunting.

Here's what I can do well:

   - Run test cases for reading/writing configurations from and to the
   radio with the third-party software
   - Intercept the serial data streams at either the USB driver level or
   the RS-232 serial link level (it's my understanding that this radio does
   indeed use RS-232 levels and async serial communications). Wireshark and
   logic analyzers are my friends!
   - Analyze the serial data streams for this radio and compare them to
   samples of known Yaesu programming protocols for other models (I believe
   they tend to re-use the same protocol for many models)
   - Compile and run test builds of a modified Chirp build from a Git repo
   and test them

Here's what I would need help with:

   - Someone familiar with Python, the Chirp drivers, and ideally Yaesu's
   programming protocols, to work on the Python code to adapt an existing
   Chirp driver for the FTM6000.

Is there someone on the list who would be interested in working with me on
adding support for this radio to Chirp?

Steve Hersey

Steve Hersey N1XNX
n1xnxham at gmail.com
"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." --
Clarke's Third Law
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"Any sufficiently advanced magic is indistinguishable from technology." --
Charles Stross, *Dead Lies Dreaming*
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