[chirp_users] Pofung P8UV programming

W Paul Mills
Thu Jul 27 13:46:59 PDT 2023

It is on the FCC site: Put 2AJGM in the first box and -P51UV in the 
second box. Brings up 6 entries.

On 7/26/23 12:33, eric.fort at fortconsulting.org wrote:
> A friend of mine, not knowing any better acquired 2 pofung P8UV 
> radios, FCC ID: 2AJGM-P51UV.
> The fact that the FCC's own website  ( 
> https://www.fcc.gov/oet/ea/fccid ) shows no record of this ID (though 
> interestingly https://fcc.io does?!!!!!, now who owns FCC.io?) leaves 
> me a bit concerned..... But that's another topic.
> I'm trying to figure out how to program these to at least listen to 
> other things than the channels they came with.  The supported radio's 
> list says P8UV /(use Radioddity UV-5G)/ but that does not work.  I get 
> "Error communicating with radio, Radio did not respond.".  That said, 
> I have verified the correct serial port being used and followed the 
> directions about turning the radio on and off, etc.  The radio is on 
> and everything plugged in as far as I can tell properly but I still 
> get the above error after repeated attempts.  Chirp works fine 
> programming my ANYTONE UV5888UVIII.
> Ideas,
> Thanks,
> Eric
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