[chirp_users] Baofeng BF-18H

D.J.J. Ring, Jr.
Tue Jul 18 10:03:01 PDT 2023

You will see information about Chirp Next here including info on almost
working with Chirp Next radios and brand new untested radios.

Many times (always) a loaner radio has to be offered for development of a
module to have Chirp Next work with it.

Please consider loaning your radio to a developer so it can be made to work
with Chirp. The details are here :


How Can You Help:

1. Test obscure radio models

If you have one of the radios on the list of un-tested models, please
consider giving it a try and filing a bug. Even if it works fine, please
let us know so we can mark it down. If it doesn't, it would be great if you
would be willing to test some changes to help us get it fixed. If it's an
older radio, consider donating it to a developer (this is the most helpful
thing you can do).

If you find that a radio works

If you find that a radio works but is not marked on the test matrix as
tested by an actual person, please submit a CHIRP-next report issue and
tell us about it. If the radio does not work (or almost works) please
submit a bug per below.

If you find that a radio has problems

When filing a bug, please consider:

Please search or consult the list of bugs to see if your issue is already
Be sure to choose "next" in the Chirp Version field so we know this is
related to the new build

Make sure to tell us which radio you're reporting. Both in the subject of
the bug, but also in the "Model Affected" box

Make sure to update the "Platform" field so we know which system you are

If you are able to download and save an image of the radio, please attach it

If the problem occurs while changing memories or settings, please include
detailed steps to reproduce it.

Perhaps the most important thing is to include your debug.log. Use Help >
Show debug log location


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> Can I use one of the other Baofeng radio settings in Chirp? Alternatively,
> will this model be added to Chirp in the future. Thanks
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