[chirp_users] New chirp-next build

donotreply at chirp.danplanet.com
Tue Jul 18 02:21:33 PDT 2023


A new build of CHIRP-next is available. This includes changes made directly to the tree since yesterday and may include additional features, bug fixes, etc. Unless you have a reason not to, we recommend using the latest build of CHIRP-next at all times.

You can get it from here:


A list of changes since the last build are here:

102191e3 Model Alias Map Update: RB27B, RB27V and RB627B
eb22067b Update es.po
529a609c Retevis RT-470: Expand Supported Frequency Ranges - fixes #10731
1e31e497 ga510.py: add 'reset' after clone error and upload
4f39ef14 Fix export to CSV from D-STAR radios
39531729 icv86: Fix power level ordering
087e4e90 Update locale for UI changes
f76873da Fix spelling
0338c1bb ga510.py: Retevis RA85 and RA685 full band support - fixes #10726


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