[chirp_users] New chirp-next build

donotreply at chirp.danplanet.com
Wed Jul 5 02:16:21 PDT 2023


A new build of CHIRP-next is available. This includes changes made directly to the tree since yesterday and may include additional features, bug fixes, etc. Unless you have a reason not to, we recommend using the latest build of CHIRP-next at all times.

You can get it from here:


A list of changes since the last build are here:

aacf7952 Fix th7800 for chirp-next
11f6285b Support CSV files with BOM signatures
37081bef Re-add przemienniki.net query source
966fc664 Add Baofeng BF-1902 and BF-1903 to alias map
8af56094 Updates scan mode options and fixes settings2 struct
4b7f349e Set alarm function as ValueList for Baofeng 1900 series
474b1915 Add subclasses for BF1901 and BF1904
1e324830 Improve dragging multiple memories
e20d4454 Update check_patch to look for similar drivers
cede9a79 Restore selected view in settings edit on refresh
d84b3f64 Created stock config file for SP
7d7336c4 Update es.po


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