[chirp_users] Changing data Baofeng UV5

Julian Macassey
Sat Feb 18 09:34:07 PST 2023

On 2023-02-18 at 08:27, Jim Unroe (rock.unroe at gmail.com) wrote:

> >         I show:
> >  Display Mode (A) Name
> >  Display Mode (B) Name
> OK. So MDF-A and MDF-B are set to NAME in the radio. So you will not
> be able to see the programmed frequency.

	The radio continues to show the old, no longer in use
freq. This is baffling.
> > > This is most likely your situation.
> >
> >         So here's what happens:
> >
> > MR shows V16 (Channel name in but VFO shows 146.460 in my
> > worksheet. Shown on CHIRP it is 145.200 which is what I want.
> This is because the frequency shown in VFO (frequency) mode has
> absolutely nothing to do with the frequency of the channel named V16
> in MR (channel) mode.
> What most people do is set one display line to FREQuency and the other
> display line to NAME. That way when you set both display lines to the
> same channel number (they have to be synced manually because each
> display line is independent and the radio has no ability to
> automatically sync them), the channel name and frequency can be seen
> at the same time.

	So, I changed it to Freq and now the radio shows the Freq
I programmed.

> Every indication is that CHIRP is working as expected. If you would
> like to continue discussion of how your radio is operated, please
> contact me directly. I would be happy to help you with that.

	Now I can see the Freqs displayed. I can't confirm
because I hear no traffic, which is I am told the normal

	Thanks very much for your help. I appreciate it.

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