[chirp_users] The meaning of CHIRP...

Jeff Gallaway
Fri Feb 17 07:40:35 PST 2023

Also, I have learned a lot about radio stuff from the ai software and if it
doesnt know about something, it will do a quick search and upload it to
memory to give better answers. I use you.com but there are others.

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> > I have often wondered about the name. I sent a message to that web page
> developer. I appreciate Jim being able to post. I am still left wondering
> why it was named that...I continue to hope that someone will step up with
> real history, as trivial as this subject is...if Jim's stuff goes back to
> 2008, it is not likely that we will find the original reason for the name,
> unless some original developers are lurking about.
> I think I qualify:
> https://github.com/kk7ds/chirp/commit/bd46071da128df3f1bc5260e029ccbbf1dc9372c
> That was when my working name for it was 'repidr'. A few days later it got
> the CHIRP name:
> https://github.com/kk7ds/chirp/commit/3069bd82765968f9b74f1e57a527410b184bf48b
> The meaning of CHIRP is known to me. I'll confirm it if I see it posted
> here.
> I can confirm it does NOT stand for "CHinese Radio Project". As Jim notes,
> the first chinese radio wasn't supported until long after the project
> started.
> --Dan
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