[chirp_users] New chirp-next build

donotreply at chirp.danplanet.com
Thu Feb 16 02:09:33 PST 2023


A new build of CHIRP-next is available. This includes changes made directly to the tree since yesterday and may include additional features, bug fixes, etc. As a reminder, this is different from the "daily" CHIRP builds in that new development and features are happening here. It is the latest and greatest, but also may be less stable than the "daily" builds at this time. If it works for you, we recommend using CHIRP-next, but if your radio is not yet working on it, then you may prefer to use the "daily" builds for the time being.

You can get it from here:


A list of changes since the last build are here:

Changes for Build #73
[3046399+kk7ds] Add BTech GMRS-50V2 - fixes #10374

[3046399+kk7ds] Add support for KPG-89D .dat files for TK-x180

[3046399+kk7ds] Add Tail Eliminate setting for TH-UVF8D

[3046399+kk7ds] Translate en/disabled string for developer mode

[3046399+kk7ds] Remove old chirp XML schema definition files


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