[chirp_users] Bricked UV82HP & BF-F8HP

Dan Smith
Wed Feb 1 18:47:01 PST 2023

>> I was using a tidradio bluetooth programming adaptor and after programming the scan feature stopped working and the programmed channels wouldn't program and a lot of other issues that I assume come with a bricked radio. I tried resetting both radios from the menu but it didn't help. I'm assuming the firmware is messed up somehow.
>> UV82HP -
>> Hold down #3 and power on- US2S35
>> Hold down #6 & power on- 150602N
>> BF-F8HP -
>> Hold down #3 and power on- F8HP-1
>> Hold down #6 & power on6- 160102
>> I'm not sure if there's a way to do a hard reset in chirp to get everything back to factory settings or if I have to do something with the firmware? Any help would be appreciated. I'm better at seeing how it's done on video rather than following steps but anything is worth a try right now.
>> Thanks, Jeff
> They are not "bricked". Email me directly and I will help you to get
> them working again.

It's also worth pointing out that chirp does not upload or modify firmware in *any* radio and thus can't "mess up" the firmware. It's possible for chirp to upload some *memory data* that the firmware running in the radio can't understand, and some low-quality radios are not very robust about error checking or handling unexpected data if that were to happen, but that can usually (read: almost always) be corrected.


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