[chirp_users] Adding Yaesu FT5DR… any FT3DR/FT5DR users/devs able to help?

Stuart Longland VK4MSL me at vk4msl.id.au
Mon Nov 28 14:53:20 PST 2022

Hi all,

I recently purchased a FT5DR radio transceiver and note that at
present, CHIRP does not yet support this model despite apparently
supporting the earlier FT3DR.

Architecturally, both radios are apparently similar, but the FT5DR uses
a different memory layout making it incompatible.  I tried adding some
memory channels manually through the keypad and retrieving the memory


I can figure out some bits of the dump, but I'm wondering if any of the
format looks "familiar" to those who were involved in the FT3DR port,
or if it's "totally new" and will require us to reverse engineer it
from scratch.  My hunch is maybe header fields have changed, but the
actual channels themselves are the same.

I don't mind getting my hands dirty to implement support, right now
though I want to see if there's existing code that I can lean on.

Stuart Longland (aka Redhatter, VK4MSL)

I haven't lost my mind...
  ...it's backed up on a tape somewhere.

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