[chirp_users] New Daily Build

Build System donotreply at chirp.danplanet.com
Sun Nov 20 00:12:40 PST 2022


A new daily build of CHIRP is available.  This includes changes made
directly to the tree yesterday, and may include additional features,
bug fixes, and/or bugs.  If you are interested in trying it, grab it
from the following location:


A list of the changes included in this build (since the last daily)

Changes for Build #712
[Dan Smith <dsmith at danplanet.com>] Make ICF log the full model query result

[Dan Smith <dsmith at danplanet.com>] Long-overdue ICF cleanup

The ICF driver has been accumulating a lot of cruft, from before the
days where even hispeed cloning was supported. This doesn't clean up
everything, but does improve consistency in frame parsing, generation,
and makes the hispeed kicker use proper framing. It also (finally)
actually digests the radio's CLONE_OK message for proper reporting.

Some additional safety things are added, reporting of things to help
debug, and unifies things such that merging with the py3 branch will
be simpler.

[Dan Smith <dsmith at danplanet.com>] Make ICF driver log the clone result frame

[Dan Smith <dsmith at danplanet.com>] Make hexprint show proper data length

Historically hexprint zero-pads the data it is printing, which makes
it hard to see how much data is actually there. Fix that.

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