[chirp_users] New Daily Build

Build System donotreply at chirp.danplanet.com
Sat Nov 19 07:52:56 PST 2022


A new daily build of CHIRP is available.  This includes changes made
directly to the tree yesterday, and may include additional features,
bug fixes, and/or bugs.  If you are interested in trying it, grab it
from the following location:


A list of the changes included in this build (since the last daily)

Changes for Build #711
[Dan Smith <dsmith at danplanet.com>] A better fix to the ICF clone speed issue

In commit 89467012 I "fixed" the issue with cloning to older Icom
radios going too fast and causing them to choke on the data stream.
A bug in that caused us to always hit the timeout reading echo
frames (even if we got one) and thus slowed the clone process way
down. This fixes that bug, and also tracks whether or not our cable
is the echoing type to avoid us even needing to munch echoes once we
have determined that we're on a non-echoing type.

Tested with IC-2200, IC-2820, ID-800v2, ID-31A.

[Dan Smith <dsmith at danplanet.com>] Improve native support for ICF files

This makes CHIRP able to handle ICF files more natively, extending
the save support recently added. We no longer warn the user about
ICF files being readonly, and we can load/save them like .img files.
Legacy models seem to have none of the metadata that the newer ones
do, which makes this easier for them. Newer models have more things
(like MapRev, EtcData), and this makes us persist those for a loaded
file so that we can save them back out.

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