[chirp_users] Fix a CSV File

K0LNY_Glenn glenn at ervin.email
Fri Jun 10 08:21:24 PDT 2022

Hi All,
I thought that I would confirm that 6 meter frequencies uploaded to a Wouxun 
KG7D using the only option for that radio in Chirp, the KG6 selection, 
worked fine, and it is transmitting now on 6 Meters.
I wish my local club had a 6 meter repeater, I have a feeling 6 meters would 
out perform 2 meters for local communications.
One of these days I'll put up my own repeater.
Thanks David and Jim for poking through my CSV files for me.
I think it is probably much easier to visually inspect a spreadsheet than it 
is to go through all cells one at a time.
Bad capitalization may be a problem to detect with a screenreader, but I use 
a technique to find how to locate missing fields via keyboard, we can 
control down arrow or control right arrow, and it will take the cursor to 
the end of a line of data, so if there is a blank field, it will stop there.
I don't know if this works inside Chirp, or if this is something only for 
spreadsheet programs outside of Chirp.
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On Thu, Jun 9, 2022 at 3:34 PM K0LNY_Glenn <glenn at ervin.email> wrote:
> Hey All,
> I plan on using all IMG files for my radios, but I wanted to add some
> frequencies to my Wouxun KG7D, it is a 2/6 meter HT.
> I'm using Chirp's KG6 option, since there is no 7 in the supported list, 
> and
> the 7 is just an upgraded 6.
> Anyway, in the past, I only used a CVS file, so if someone can fix the
> attached file, for me, I can save it as an IMG, after uploading it to my
> radio.
> I can't use Chirp in Linux, but with a lot of effort in Windows using Jaws
> screenreader, I'm able to select radio, download and upload.
> I got this error with my Tyt 9800, and a list member was able to fix that
> CSV file for me, and he said some things weren't capitalized and perhaps
> missing values.
> I got the same error, when trying to import this file, it said "no
> channels".
> So it is attached and I hope someone here can detect what is wrong for me.
> Thanks.
> Glenn

Hi Glen,

As before, required values in the rToneFreq fields were missing.
Also frequencies in memory rows 68 and above are out of range for a
KG-UV6D (and also other fields were missing required data) so those
memory rows were removed.

After making those edits, the attached CSV file imports into the test
Wouxun KG-UV6 image in the CHIRP repository without any errors.



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