[chirp_users] What is wrong here?

Al Jones al at aljones.us
Tue Jun 7 14:44:48 PDT 2022

I'm going to resurrect this since it seems as if the problem is the way 
the radio is programed.  It's an older Baofeng UV-82L.  The symptoms are 
simply that the radio receives and transmits properly on the local 2M 
HAM repeaters (where I'm KG5HEJ.)  However it receives but transmits an 
unmodulated carrier on the GMRS frequencies (where I'm WQYM836)
If it didn't transmit at all, I'd say it was the radio.  I'm aware of 
the problem of having used an external speaker/mic and 'something' 
locking up inside so it doesn't transmit - since it's working on one 
band and not the other (and I really don't want to try the external only 
to find I now have another problem) I think it's something in the 
radio's configuration.
The latest img file is attached.  You can find the GMRS section from 
line 31-52.
Please don't hypothesize, I've already done plenty of that myself.  If 
you see something, please let me know.

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