[chirp_users] What is wrong here?

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When you say there is no voice on the carrier when using a repeater, are to listening to the signal from your radio or from the repeater.
If you are listening to your repeaters output, you are probably experiencing what is referred to as Desense .

While your monitoring radio is listening to the repeater's output frequency, the radio you are trying to hear is on the repeater's input. (two different frequencies).

Because they are so close, your transmit radio (being on a different frequency) is overloading your receiver.


Try this. Place your monitoring radio in another room to give them some separation. This additional spacing should keep your TX radio from overloading your RX radio.
You need to listen to your signal on the same frequency.

Is this a possibility?

Stay safe and healthy.

John   K3NXU


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according to Chirp there is nothing set for tone or DTCS on the GMRS channels (frequencies) lines 31 - 52l the only exception is line 53 where I have a positive offset for the local GMRS repeater.


The problem is that I'm sending a carrier but no voice on the carrier.  Reception is fine all the way 'round,




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Do you have CTCSS tones set on the receive side.

If so, remove them.

It’s possible the repeaters aren’t sending a tone back to you..


Stay Safe and Stay Healthy John Miklor



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Attached is the image of my 'working' radio - problem is, it's not working right. This an older Baofeng UV-82L much prior to the recent FCC rule changes. I am both a licensed ham (KG5HEJ) and GMRS (WQYM836) operator. Though I recognize the legalities of using this radio, it's use in the GMRS bands is primarily for monitoring local tourists and providing them with help.


That all out of the way. RX/TX on any of the ham bands is without problem, I can talk with anyone on our local repeater system, or simplex, without a problem (barring mountains which are occasional problems) on the GMRS freqs, I'm seeing (on my BCT15X scanner) a carrier being transmitted in the appropriate freq but hearing no voice on the carrier on both the one GMRS repeater channel and simplex. I and a friend have been all over these settings and I hope we're just missing the obvious (obvious to someone else.)


Anyone ???


//al KG5HEJ

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