[chirp_users] What is wrong here?

Al Jones al at aljones.us
Mon Jun 6 11:23:46 PDT 2022

No, I never have - at least not that I recall.  You said that it will 
only transmit via the speaker mic ... mine is transmitting a carrier but 
there's no modulation.  If your experience is similar, I might try 
plugging in one of the ones I have.  I haven't because I heard reports 
that they cause it to stick but there hasn't been a good discussion that 
I've seen regarding the symptoms of "sticking".

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>Did you ever plug in a speaker microphone?
>My UV5R is known for sticking inside and it will only transmit the 
>microphone via the speaker microphone.
>I don't want to open it up to try and unstick the contact inside the 
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>according to Chirp there is nothing set for tone or DTCS on the GMRS 
>channels (frequencies) lines 31 - 52l the only exception is line 53 
>where I have a positive offset for the local GMRS repeater.
>The problem is that I'm sending a carrier but no voice on the carrier.  
>Reception is fine all the way 'round,
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>>Do you have CTCSS tones set on the receive side.
>>If so, remove them.
>>It’s possible the repeaters aren’t sending a tone back
>>   to you..
>>Stay Safe and Stay Healthy John Miklor
>>>On Jun 6, 2022, at 10:01 AM, Al Jones <al at aljones.us> wrote:
>>>Attached is the image of my 'working' radio - problem
>>>     is, it's not working right. This an older Baofeng UV-82L much prior to the
>>>     recent FCC rule changes. I am both a licensed ham (KG5HEJ) and GMRS
>>>     (WQYM836) operator. Though I recognize the legalities of using this radio,
>>>     it's use in the GMRS bands is primarily for monitoring local tourists and
>>>     providing them with help.
>>>That all out of the way. RX/TX on any of the ham bands
>>>     is without problem, I can talk with anyone on our local repeater system, or
>>>     simplex, without a problem (barring mountains which are occasional problems)
>>>     on the GMRS freqs, I'm seeing (on my BCT15X scanner) a carrier being
>>>     transmitted in the appropriate freq but hearing no voice on the carrier on
>>>     both the one GMRS repeater channel and simplex. I and a friend have been all
>>>     over these settings and I hope we're just missing the obvious (obvious to
>>>     someone else.)
>>>Anyone ???
>>>//al KG5HEJ
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