[chirp_users] Roger beep on a per channel basis

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Mon Jun 6 10:33:32 PDT 2022

Hi Al,
Did you ever plug in a speaker microphone?
My UV5R is known for sticking inside after plugging in a speaker-mic and it will only transmit the microphone via the speaker microphone now.
I don't want to open it up to try and unstick the contact inside the jack.
Sounds like the trouble you are having.

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I don't see one Sam, the beep is in the setting part of the chirp menu which says it'll apply to all channels.  (( BTW, I wish we could! ))

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  Is there anyway to put a Roger beep on certain channels but not others on the Baofeng UV-5R? I've looked and looked and only seen how to put a PTT-ID on per channel. Could there be a way to do it through developer options?
  Any help is appreciated,


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