[chirp_users] What is wrong here?

Al Jones al at aljones.us
Mon Jun 6 06:31:01 PDT 2022

Attached is the image of my 'working' radio - problem is, it's not 
working right.  This an older Baofeng UV-82L much prior to the recent 
FCC rule changes.  I am both a licensed ham (KG5HEJ) and GMRS (WQYM836) 
operator.  Though I recognize the legalities of using this radio, it's 
use in the GMRS bands is primarily for monitoring local tourists and 
providing them with help.

That all out of the way.  RX/TX on any of the ham bands is without 
problem, I can talk with anyone on our local repeater system, or 
simplex, without a problem (barring mountains which are occasional 
problems) on the GMRS freqs, I'm seeing (on my BCT15X scanner) a carrier 
being transmitted in the appropriate freq but hearing no voice on the 
carrier on both the one GMRS repeater channel and simplex. I and a 
friend have been all over these settings and I hope we're just missing 
the obvious (obvious to someone else.)

Anyone ???

//al KG5HEJ
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