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Al Jones al at aljones.us
Sat Jun 4 19:04:13 PDT 2022

Glenn, your CSV file is badly formatted.  Let me look at it a bit more 
and see if I can make the changes needed to import it.
As was mentioned, modifying a CSV with excel will mess with the format 
(mostly dropping trailing commas - what ever you used dropped one comma) 
error I've seen is the inability to convert tone to  float, your file 
has "0" when it should be "0.000000"
As I said let me play with it and see if I can manipulate it ...

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>I can confirm that the file is no good.
>Also - I warn you especially since you are blind - I just don't see 
>well - but I have be3en tricked several times.
>My Windows 10 automatically opens up csv in Google Cloud - and that 
>will produce a bad file.
>You cannot use any Microsoft product, and Google Cloud seems to be the 
>same way.
>Maybe you can download from the radio again, and send us an img file.  
>If you want to use csv, only libreOffice and OpenOffice will work - but 
>I understand that's no longer recommended either.
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