[chirp_users] No Channels Found

Cinaed Simson cinaed.simson at gmail.com
Sat Jun 4 16:41:28 PDT 2022

I presume you mean other then the file name has a "+", "&" and "more" - 
assuming that's the name of the file being loaded?

It actually might not be a problem - it's just something I would never 
do in python.

-- Cinaed

On 6/4/22 15:49, K0LNY_Glenn wrote:
> Here's my CSV file if anyone cares to see what the problem might be.
> Thanks.
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> Subject: No Channels Found
> Hi,
> Maybe someone can look at my CSV file for me.
> I'm trying to import a CSV file into my TYT 9800, and I have a CSV file with
> almost 200 entries, and when I import, it says no channels found.
> I'm using Windows with a screenreader, so I am limited to what I can manage.
> Fortunately Chirp brings up the last radio I accessed, otherwise I would
> have a very hard time routing cursors to try and select the radio in the
> list.
> But I use the Jaws cursor to read a dialog box that comes up when I paste
> the path to the CSV file and enter.
> For screenreader users, or anyone else in windows, shift + applications key
> and then press the letter  A on your file to import, outside of Chirp, and
> the path to the file will be in the clipboard for pasting.
> Browsing in the Chirp program in windows would be another challenge, that is
> why I do it this way.
> All this was easy in Linux.
> Anyway, thanks for any assistance.
> Glenn
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