[chirp_users] No Channels Found

K0LNY_Glenn glenn at ervin.email
Sat Jun 4 15:10:35 PDT 2022

Maybe someone can look at my CSV file for me.
I'm trying to import a CSV file into my TYT 9800, and I have a CSV file with 
almost 200 entries, and when I import, it says no channels found.
I'm using Windows with a screenreader, so I am limited to what I can manage.
Fortunately Chirp brings up the last radio I accessed, otherwise I would 
have a very hard time routing cursors to try and select the radio in the 
But I use the Jaws cursor to read a dialog box that comes up when I paste 
the path to the CSV file and enter.
For screenreader users, or anyone else in windows, shift + applications key 
and then press the letter  A on your file to import, outside of Chirp, and 
the path to the file will be in the clipboard for pasting.
Browsing in the Chirp program in windows would be another challenge, that is 
why I do it this way.
All this was easy in Linux.
Anyway, thanks for any assistance.

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