[chirp_users] Baofeng AR-152

Joe Pizzi pizzi.joe at gmail.com
Mon Feb 14 05:20:35 PST 2022

How can I get my radio supported by CHIRP?

In order to add support for a new radio model to CHIRP, a developer needs to reverse engineer the clone protocol and memory format of the radio. This can often be done in a relatively short period of time, but requires physical access to the radio itself.

If you're interested in loaning your radio for this process, please follow these steps:

1.	Look at the  <https://chirp.danplanet.com/projects/chirp/wiki/Wiki> front page to make /sure/ that it is not already supported
2.	Look at the current set of  <http://chirp.danplanet.com/projects/chirp/issues?query_id=15> new model requests to see if it has already been requested. If it has, do not open another issue, but feel free to post comments and pledges to help in that item
3.	If neither of the above applies, then open a  <http://chirp.danplanet.com/projects/chirp/issues/new> new request

Please note that there are many new models hitting the market each month. The chinese radio manufacturers crank them out at unbelievable rates. Many of these are copies of the same model, but often changed in very tiny but incompatible ways. As a volunteer-fueled project, we can't possibly address every model that shows up. Everyone wants their radio to be supported, but we have to address the models that are the most popular and which have developer support. If you are in the market for a radio, it is highly recommended that you check the CHIRP model support list before making a purchase. At the beginning of 2016, there were over 300 requests to support new models in CHIRP pending in the issue tracker.

A quick search did not show a request to support this radio.


Joe Pizzi



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WOULD like to know if CHIRP is going to be able to program 

the NEW baofeng AR-152 radio. If so which model do we use to 

program this or will you add an individual model # that  does this?


On Thu, Feb 10, 2022 at 2:05 AM Build System <donotreply at chirp.danplanet.com <mailto:donotreply at chirp.danplanet.com> > wrote:


A new daily build of CHIRP is available.  This includes changes made
directly to the tree yesterday, and may include additional features,
bug fixes, and/or bugs.  If you are interested in trying it, grab it
from the following location:


A list of the changes included in this build (since the last daily)

Changes for Build #679
[Dan Smith <dsmith at danplanet.com <mailto:dsmith at danplanet.com> >] Fix tg_uv2p style issues

I didn't catch that this wasn't in the manifest during review,
and thus the style issues didn't get flagged. Adding it to the
manifest and fixing those here.

Related to #8591

[Ran Katz <rankatz at gmail.com <mailto:rankatz at gmail.com> >] Added set_settings for the tg-uv2+ driver,

Related to #8591

user: Ran Katz <rankatz at gmail.com <mailto:rankatz at gmail.com> >
branch 'default'
changed chirp/drivers/tg_uv2p.py

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