[chirp_users] Installing To Linux

K0LNY glenn at ervin.email
Wed Feb 2 08:12:02 PST 2022

I am still using Ubuntu 18.04 on one machine, and I neglected to get Chirp installed onto it before it was no longer updating.
I successfully added the Chirp repository to it, but it would not install with apt.
So I went to the Chirp archives and downloaded what was stated the package for older systems, and I unpacked it, but they all seem to be .py files.
I did not find a .sh file for installing.
I'm only a moderate Linux user, so maybe someone can give me some steps for getting Chirp onto this Ubuntu.
I'd rather not use a newer Ubuntu, since for this, it is just there mainly for using Chirp, and it can be an older Chirp, as all my radios would work fine with Chirp that is a couple years old.

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