[chirp_users] Problem with Retevis RT98 2M mobile

Ken Hansen ken at n2vip.org
Thu Sep 2 23:06:48 PDT 2021

Adding to my previous note:

I was able to download the Retevis software and read/program my radio, so the comms between laptop & radio should be OK.

When I went to the mfg website snd selected the RT98 Vhf radio, I was told to use the proper software based on my radios serial number. My radio serial # is 1907.... so I used V1.01, there is another version (1.02?) for radios with a higher serial number range.

I suspect CHIRP isn't handling the particular model I have well.

I'm good to program my radio for my needs, but I'm happy to help with testing/debugging if needed to improve support for this radio.


Ken, N2VIP

> On Sep 3, 2021, at 00:14, Ken Hansen <ken at n2vip.org> wrote:
> Hello all,
> I just built up a go-box with the Retevis RT98 2M mobile radio. I installed Chirp (chirp-daily-20210830-installer.exe) on a Win 11 laptop (a supposedly supported model), and using the Retevis supplied programming cable.
> Steps taken:
> Install chirp
> Attach prog cable to laptop & radio
> Start chirp
> Select "download from radio"
> Select correct com port, mfg (Retevis) and model (RT98)
> It attempts to download from radio, and it halts, telling me:
> "Radio version not in allowed list for Retevis RT98: 000: 49 41 54 2d 37 37 39 56 IAT-779V
> 008: 01 56 31 30 30 00 00 06  .V100..."
> <image1.jpeg>
> I suspect this has to do with how the radio is reporting itself, perhaps with different firmware than when the standard when support for the radio was added.
> Any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance.
> Ken

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