[chirp_users] GT-3TP, suddenly cannot connect to radios, W10 v1903

John La JohnLa at usa.net
Fri May 28 04:14:52 PDT 2021

I had this happen with a driver for one of my DMR radios.
After months of successful use, the software stopped updating.
I found that Win10 updated the driver to one it thought was better. 

Using ‘Device Manager’, I selected Update Driver and selected ‘Pick your Own Driver’ from the list.
Sure enough, the old driver that worked was there.
Reloaded it back and life was good again.

Stay safe and healthy.

John   K3NXU






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I remember seeing an earlier posting about the Win 10 update overwriting the previously installed drivers.  Same thing happened at work with a different impact, audio driver eliminated.  See Peter's post on 5/25.


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On Monday, May 24, 2021 10:17 AM, Ceferino Lamb <ceferino.lamb at gmail.com> wrote:


For months, I've been successfully cloning GT-3TPs for our own use and UV5Rs for friends.

Suddenly, last week, I can't connect to any radios via CHIRP. I've installed the most recent CHIRP versions. Today it's chirp-daily-20210520-installer.exe


I have two known good cloning cables that worked previously. Same results. I'm using BF-F8HP type as always.  I've tried two different COM ports, CHIRP sees both.


The first time I tried this morning,  Upload to Radio keyed the trx on the HT, solid carrier until I turned the HT off. That's a clue to me that something odd is up.


My next step is to install CHIRP on a different laptop and try there.  Anybody BTDT?


Reno in Texas

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