[chirp_users] Comment field limits?

Leverett A.J. 'Jim' Hadlow Sr leverett at hadlow.name
Fri May 21 12:06:59 PDT 2021

Programming a Baofeng BFF8-HP:

I noticed when the Comments field is populated, I am unable to use a
properly programmed repeater. When I clear all the comments from the field,
reset the radio to factory settings, then reprogram with CSV (cleared of
comments), the repeater function is as expected. Reprogramming via CHIRP
without resetting the radio to factory settings does NOT clear the problem.

Is there a limit to the number of characters the comments field can hold or
are there certain characters (comma, open/close parens, underscore, dash,
slash, question mark, decimal/period, space, equal sign, digits?) one
shouldn't enter there?

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