[chirp_users] Errno 13 on activating radio clone, plus Permission denied.

Roger M0ROJ m0roj at goldford.co.uk
Sun May 9 06:23:33 PDT 2021

Just installed CHIRP-daily 20210429 to use with my Yaesu FTM3207D 
(FTM-3200D on menu).

When connecting the radio to the laptop (Linux Ubuntu 20.04) and 
starting CLONE I keep on receiving an error message errno-13 regardless 
of which ttysx I select. It also tells me permission denied. And so no 
connection made.

Which permission needs changing and how please? There's no provision for 
that within the CHIRP software, that I can see.

If its a Linux permission for the software (which I doubt), then why 
does the CHIRP software function in other respects?

Help would be appreciated, please?

Thanks and 73,

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