[chirp_users] How do I ensure that I don't TX on a memory slot? Baofeng UV-5RX3

VA7OTC John Erskine va7otc at vivaldi.net
Wed Jun 23 20:48:38 PDT 2021

On 2021-06-23 14:45, Ken Hansen wrote:
> I wasn't aware of that setting, I had used BCL - busy channel lockout
> previously


> Ken, N2VIP

Interesting hack. Thanks for the idea.

Classically Busy Channel Lock is used if there are multiple users of a 
frequency. Typically ones one may not hear due to use of CTCSS/DCS to 
only filter for what you'd like.

This needn't always mean different _users_, it can mean different uses. 
One example local to me is on one  amateur radio repeater. It's both 
analogue FM voice repeater and also Yaesu Fusion (a digital voice mode.) 
The analogue FM repeater TX a CTCSS tone that analogue users enable as 
Tone Squelch to they needn't listen to the brraaaap of the digital 

One should look at the rig before transmitting in analogue FM as one may 
interfere with a conversation/TX in Fusion. That or enable Busy Channel 

Another example here are two analogue FM amateur radio repeaters on a 
SNP (Shared Non-Protected) frequency pair. They use different tones 
(CTCSS) on the input/output. If one only listens to one (doesn't wish to 
hear the other) then it's good practise to either look at lights/meters, 
or crack the squelch or Monitor button before transmitting. One may also 
simply enable Busy Channel Lockout.

Cheers es 73, John

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