[chirp_users] Moving Chirp Daily to python3?

David Ranch chirp at trinnet.net
Sun Jun 6 15:18:43 PDT 2021

Hello Everyone,

> Don't get me wrong - if you're willing to take on the task of getting 
> the Python 3 move up and running, which you clearly are, more power to 
> you, and kudos for taking it on. I'm just personally not interested in 
> futzing around with a Python 2+3 codebase or switching GUI technology 
> when I see neither as necessary.

I have to disagree here.. Python2 is over.  It's dead and it's going to 
get harder and harder to get it installed on newer operating systems.  
It really is a mess but it's happened and we just have to push forward 
with Python3.  Without it and a newer GUI widget set, we're going to 
loose this excellent (and free) tool  to program our various radios.

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