[chirp_users] Two issues...

Jim Unroe rock.unroe at gmail.com
Wed Jun 2 13:09:22 PDT 2021

Hi Ken,

On Wed, Jun 2, 2021 at 3:44 PM Kenneth G. Gordon
<kgordon2006 at frontier.com> wrote:
> 1) We are unable to program two supposedly-Baofeng-made hand-helds: A) one labeled
> UV-5R5, concerning which I can find almost no information on the web at all. Firmware (by
> Button 3) is BFB297. Searching the CHIRP website, I find that that particular firmware is an
> issue, and has been reported as a bug from at least 8 years ago. Using the standard UV-5R
> choice in CHIRP results in an error message "No response from radio".

The BFB297 firmware version from the Power-on + [3] key message is of
little value any more. Nearly all UV-5R like radios since the release
of BFB299 firmware back in 2013 report BFB297 in this message. You
must use CHIRP to find the real firmware version.

The "No response from radio" indicates that the problem is most likely
with the programming cable. Most likely a poor or non-existent
connection between the 2-pin plug and the radio's socket or the
operating system is using an incompatible device driver.


> And B) one labled UV-5R-V2+. again, we can find no info on how to program this radio other
> than a cryptic note which stated that it will not transmit in the 2 meter ham band below 145
> MHz., which at this point is of no concern to us.

Not much can be said or known here until a CHIRP Radio Images (*.img)
is captured from this radio.
> 2) As recently as a day or two ago, I found, somewhere on the web, a very extensive listing of
> these sorts of hand-helds and their equivalent and/or re-labeled clones by many makers
> including Baofeng. Since that time, I have lost it and can no longer find it. Does anyone here
> know what I am talking about and where I might find that list again? I thought I found it
> originally on the CHIRP website, but searching there since does not bring it up.
> At the time, I saw no need for it, but since then, I find it has become very important to ouir
> operations here.

Probably what you are looking for is hiding in plain sight. I would
imagine that what you are looking for is the Supported Radio Models
list located on the CHIRP home page.


Also regarding the Vendor / Model selections to choose related to
Baofeng UV-5R like models can be summed up as follows...

Models with 2 TXP levels and 2 bands: use Baofeng / UV-5R
Models with 3 TXP levels and 2 bands: use Baofeng / BF-F8HP
Models with 2 TXP levels and 3 bands: use Radioddity / UV-5RX3

> By "we", "our", and "us", I mean myself and a small group of EMCOMMs operators in our
> area. I have become the defacto "technical guru" for the group.
> Any help out there?
> Thanks, and vy 73 for now,
> Ken W7EKB


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