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Newbie here,  very interesting read, keep up the good work and   I Thank
You much!         Take care, Later, Ed

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>    1. Re: Lighthouse Radio Network HELP! (VA7OTC John Erskine)
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> Date: Thu, 15 Jul 2021 16:04:25 -0700
> From: VA7OTC John Erskine <va7otc at vivaldi.net>
> Subject: Re: [chirp_users] Lighthouse Radio Network HELP!
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> On 2021-07-13 11:34, Steve Lanwermeyer wrote:
> > Hello there!
> snip
> Hullo Steve,
> As you've seen from every second reply, the handhelds and mobile style
> radio are pre-programmed GMRS radios (_no_ programming on your part.) I
> had a look to remind myself about the Retevis RT97 repeater.
> There are in fact two models. I didn't notice in any of your messages
> which your's is, the GMRS version or the "stock version", however I'd
> hope that a reputable shop would provide the former in your order. If
> it's the GMRS model you're golden (no programming on your part, only
> selection of a channel.) If it's the stock one then I'd hope they'd have
> set it up on a GMRS frequency pair (no work on your part except to know
> which GMRS channel it supports.)
> A check on the model and that it's set for GMRS should be
> straightforward. If it's not so labelled or documented ask your shop.
> I've done a map recce of your destination. I would not bother with
> "tones". At all. Ixnay the tones.
> 1. Extra potential headache. One that may generate a human problem on
> site if something isn't matched.
> 2. Use of these tones do not provide _any_ form of privacy or security,
> regardless of how they are marketed/labelled.
> 3. You're so far from anyone that on UHF they're effectiveness for what
> they are best used for seems a moot point.
> You're neighbouring topography is impressive, and unless that repeater
> and it's antenna is set on the high point north of you, you'll be
> operating very locally. In the area of the light and little more.
> 4. I suspect that you'll find you may cover much of the area around the
> light without the repeater. If you're going north, say to the beach in
> the Tongass, the radios, even with a repeater in the area of the light
> will not support that communication expectation.
> A very interesting project overall. I hope you have a sat phone and a
> good marine VHF installed at the light, or it has some fitted
> line-of-sight system to the USCG or some such. You're more in an HF
> ("shortwave") coverage situation than a UHF one to support the site.
> I was an relief assistant keeper for three months at a Canadian west
> coast light a few years back. Quite the neat situation.
> All the best, John
> --
> J. D. Erskine
> Victoria,  BC
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