[chirp_users] Lighthouse Radio Network HELP!

VA7OTC John Erskine va7otc at vivaldi.net
Thu Jul 15 16:04:25 PDT 2021

On 2021-07-13 11:34, Steve Lanwermeyer wrote:
> Hello there!


Hullo Steve,

As you've seen from every second reply, the handhelds and mobile style 
radio are pre-programmed GMRS radios (_no_ programming on your part.) I 
had a look to remind myself about the Retevis RT97 repeater.

There are in fact two models. I didn't notice in any of your messages 
which your's is, the GMRS version or the "stock version", however I'd 
hope that a reputable shop would provide the former in your order. If 
it's the GMRS model you're golden (no programming on your part, only 
selection of a channel.) If it's the stock one then I'd hope they'd have 
set it up on a GMRS frequency pair (no work on your part except to know 
which GMRS channel it supports.)

A check on the model and that it's set for GMRS should be 
straightforward. If it's not so labelled or documented ask your shop.

I've done a map recce of your destination. I would not bother with 
"tones". At all. Ixnay the tones.

1. Extra potential headache. One that may generate a human problem on 
site if something isn't matched.

2. Use of these tones do not provide _any_ form of privacy or security, 
regardless of how they are marketed/labelled.

3. You're so far from anyone that on UHF they're effectiveness for what 
they are best used for seems a moot point.

You're neighbouring topography is impressive, and unless that repeater 
and it's antenna is set on the high point north of you, you'll be 
operating very locally. In the area of the light and little more.

4. I suspect that you'll find you may cover much of the area around the 
light without the repeater. If you're going north, say to the beach in 
the Tongass, the radios, even with a repeater in the area of the light 
will not support that communication expectation.

A very interesting project overall. I hope you have a sat phone and a 
good marine VHF installed at the light, or it has some fitted 
line-of-sight system to the USCG or some such. You're more in an HF 
("shortwave") coverage situation than a UHF one to support the site.

I was an relief assistant keeper for three months at a Canadian west 
coast light a few years back. Quite the neat situation.

All the best, John
J. D. Erskine
Victoria,  BC

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