[chirp_users] Import Error Regarding Radio Reference

ctoci at cox.net ctoci at cox.net
Tue Jan 12 09:31:00 PST 2021

Mark and all that have responded.  Thank you so much for the staccato of
responses.  I am as green as they come and the support from the community
has been EXCEPTIONAL, so thanks to ALL of you!


I will reach out Radio Reference; however, I am able to successfully login
from a separate web browser.


I am running Windows 10 Home, Version 2004.  


The error message states:


"Server raised fault: 'Invalid Username or Password'


What is perplexing is that I successfully imported from Radio Reference into
CHIRP two weeks ago.


Thanks again to all!




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Hi Chris,

As I recently added the Canadian radioRef search feature to Chirp, I thought
I would reply as I wondered if it it had something to do with that. I've
just tried the daily myself and both the USA and Canadian radioReference
import work at my end, as does querying both of the countries. Could you
provide any information about what operating system you're on and any error
messages you're getting? Or at what point exactly it's failing? Can you also
confirm that your RadioRef subscription is up to date as well?



On 2021-01-10 4:13 p.m., ctoci at cox.net <mailto:ctoci at cox.net>  wrote:

Hello and thanks for what you do!


Last week, I was successfully able to import frequencies from Radio
Reference.com through my subscription.  However, today, I was unable to do


I have researched the FAQs regarding this topic.  The only references I
found were:


CHIRP-Bug #4961 and Bug #4963.


I downloaded the latest "Daily" version of CHIRP and tried import again with
no success.  Can you help?








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