[chirp_users] "Download from radio" does not bring up clone window

Jim Unroe rock.unroe at gmail.com
Mon Jan 11 13:05:38 PST 2021

On Mon, Jan 11, 2021 at 3:06 PM Mark Smythe <mark.smythe at gmail.com> wrote:
> Once I deleted old Chirp and reinstalled run as administrator I finally got the window to select vendor and radio (Icom 2100H) after selecting "download from radio".  The port is defaulted to COM6 which is verified to be the one selected in the FTDI driver.  However when I click OK, I get "An error has occurred - Failed to communicate with the radio.  Unexpected response from radio".  It doesn't matter if I run Chirp normally or as administrator.. same result.
> I read the beginners guide.  The cable TRS plug is firmly seated in the speaker jack, there is no antenna connected and I'm tuned to a clear frequency.  I have tried with squelch both open and closed and with volume settings from 0 - 100%.
> At the bottom of Bug #1113 for a similar issue with Icom 2100H, I read:  "Some Icom radios are known to deny cooperation with FTDI cables (even genuine ones). Please try a cable with a genuine Prolific chip.
> Unfortunately cables with fake "Prolific" chips make the vast majority of cables on the market; genuine Prolific cables are on the more expensive side."
> Can anyone confirm this to be the case?  If so, who makes "genuine Prolific cables"?
> Mark WA7URJ

Programming cables with an unauthorized copy of a Prolific chip will
work, you just have to download, install and select the old Prolific
v3.2.0.0 device driver. This is exactly what I have been doing for
over 8 years. Since the majority of programming cables being supplied
with a radio being submitted for inclusion with CHIRP have been of the
unauthorized copy variety, I just keep the older device driver
installed and selected on the Windows computer that I program radios

I do have one rare programming cable sporting a genuine Prolific
USB-to-Serial chip. Back when I bought it, I used it to check all of
the Prolific device drivers that I could find in order to determine
which was the last available Prolific driver before they became
cripled. That turned out to be v3.3.2.105. It works great with CHIRP
but is incompatible with some OEM programming software. Falling back
to v3.2.0.0 was necessary to work with both.

Page with link to V3.2.0.0 driver and instructions for installing and
selecting: https://www.miklor.com/COM/UV_Drivers.php


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