[chirp_users] BTECH MURS-v1 "Service Settings" squelch thresholds

Bill Burgess
Mon Aug 23 10:20:10 PDT 2021

> CHIRP can't make a radio do something that it doesn't support. The
> BTECH MURS-V1 support was developed from the BTECH GMRS-V1 support
> which was developed from the Baofeng UV-82 support. The UV-82 supports
> adjustment of squelch thresholds so that support was transferred to
> the GMRS-V1 and eventually to the MURS-V1. It was just assumed that
> the BTECH models supported this feature. Apparently they do not.
> Jim KC9HI

Thanks a bunch, I really appreciate the response.

The note from Katy at Baofeng was a little vague.  “At this time the squelch
limits cannot be adjusted” — What does “at this time” mean?  That the feature
may somehow be enabled in the future?  How would they do that?  In a new
hardware release (the -V2?)?  With a firmware update?  Or with communication to
Chirp developers to explain necessary changes to the driver for the MURS-V1?

Any of those are probably a long way off in the future, if they happen at all, so
no point in holding my breath.  Oh well.  It was worth looking into.

Thanks again!

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