[chirp_users] BTECH MURS-v1 "Service Settings" squelch thresholds

Bill Burgess
Sun Aug 22 22:26:51 PDT 2021


New subscriber here with a BTECH MURS-v1 question.

My application involves emergency neighborhood communications in a spread-out, semi-rural area.  Being able to drop squelch to the bare minimum would be helpful in order to get the best possible range.  Unfortunately, the default carrier squelch thresholds on this radio appear to be relatively high, even for Squelch #1.  At least that’s my subjective impression.

So I tried adjusting them with Chirp's Service Settings dialog.  My changes appeared to load onto the radio fine, and I offloaded them back to verify.  They came back as I had set them.

However, my changes seemed to make no difference to the radio’s actual carrier squelch behavior.  Even a threshold of 0, which I would have thought would defeat squelch altogether, made no perceptible change in squelch behavior when the corresponding squelch ID was selected.

This behavior is identical to that described in Bug #5333, and that was also a BTECH, though a UV-5X3 rather than a MURS-v1.

Thanks a bunch for any thoughts or suggestions!


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