[chirp_users] UV-S9 Issues

bob at tyroneflats.com
Fri Apr 16 10:31:43 PDT 2021

Pretty safe bet this is all operator error but this thing is eating my
lunch! I downloaded and installed the most recent version (20210416) first
thing this morning. I tried following the steps in the help documentation -
download from radio, export to img file, etc. When I upload the very same
image file, with no edits, to the radio it populates both banks with 676.948
Mhz, changes language to Chinese, locks the radio and produces this error: 











"Edit > Properties" in Chirp does nothing.  I've been able to unlock the
keyboard and do a reset then change language back to ENG but everything
(even FM broadcast if I reset "All") is gone. 


If  I open the exported spreadsheet file I get "Unable to Detect Model"
every time so I always choose Radioddity UV-5RX3 as directed by several


I edited the spreadsheet, adding a few local repeaters (saved with different
filename so still have the original) but, when I open that file I get the
attached error plus the "Radio > Upload to Radio" menu option is greyed out.


And I never have been able to enter any channels in the 1.25 M band even
though the aforementioned upload fills a few memories with channels around
300, 400, 500 & 600 Mhz.


I got my first HAM license in the 70's. I was a techy for years (retired
now) so this is as embarrassing as it is frustrating but this project is
running out of fun! I keep thinking of that old help desk joke where the
tech tells the user "You'd better just box that up and send it back to the
factory." "Oh, is it broken?" asked the client. "No" replied the tech,
"You're just too #@%! stupid to use it!" (I feel like that user right now!)


Thanks all!





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