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Robert Withers
Wed Apr 7 17:05:08 PDT 2021

Just to add to this, encoding is EXACTLY what I wish to do. It may or may not include encryption as a part of the encoding, that will be configurable, such that a non-encrypting encoding stack can be built/used in Amateur Radio, while an encoding->encrypting stack can be built/used with MARS. Is this not SDR? From what Nigel said, SDR may be defining the carrier/modulation settings, is it so? Well, perhaps, whatever the software encoding solution within the realm of Radio, that's what I am interested in.


On 4/7/21 6:48 PM, benton at siletzbay.com wrote:

> On 2021-04-07 15:33, Robert Withers via chirp_users wrote:
>> Well, whatever data may be sent through my encrypting protocol, so data
>> of all varieties: encoded bytes...
> Be careful saying 'encrypting' in an Amateur Radio context. Encoding is okay, encrypting not so much.
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