[chirp_users] Posted as a Bug...or maybe it's not?

Jim Unroe rock.unroe at gmail.com
Sun Sep 6 18:03:31 PDT 2020

On Sun, Sep 6, 2020 at 8:10 PM Sandy Bressler <legacyloop at gmail.com> wrote:
> I can setup my channels on the computer and print out a screenshot of what I have done. Then I send the data to my radio and it is successful for everything but the DUPLEX settings of - or +. I have tripled checked what Chirp says I wrote to the radio and it doesn't match what I see when I look thru the MENU option of 25. For example, Channel 18 should be - and on my Chirp setting it says that...but when I check the radio MENU setting (manually) it shows +. The worst part is that if I change it manually...then it changes OTHER channels. It only seems to be a problem for the Duplex setting...the frequency remains ok, as does offsets. Also, I follow strict guidelines to turn the radio off and on and be sure it's on VFO mode when I activate CHIRP etc.
> Am I missing a setting to LOCK IN a DUPLEX - or + perhaps??
> Sandy

Hi Sandy,

This is not a bug. It is how the radio works.

The UV-5R (and similar radios) do not use or store a "shift direction"
or "offset" in their programmed memory channels. They are not
required. Instead they store the receive (RX) frequency and direct
transmit (TX) frequency. Because of this, CHIRP takes the entered
Frequency field (RX frequency), Duplex field and Offset field and uses
them to compute the TX frequency. It is then the RX frequency and TX
frequency that are sent to the radio because that is what the radio

How the radio works...

1 Menu 25 (SFT-D) and menu 26 (OFFSET) have no purpose and do not
function when the radio is in MR (channel) mode. These menus only have
a purpose and function when the radio is in VFO (frequency) mode.

2 When the radio is in MR mode, the upper status display area will
have a "+-" indication whenever the RX frequency and the TX frequency
are not the same. The RX frequency and TX frequency will not be the
same for the following channel types: Repeater, Odd-Split, Cross-Band
and TX Inhibited. When the radio is in VFO mode, the upper status
display area will have a "{blank}", "+" or "-" indication based on the
menu 25 (SFT-D) setting.

3 When the selected display line has its Memory Display Format (MDF)
set to FREQ (menu 21 (MDF-A) or menu 22 (MDF-B)), the display line
will display the RX frequency. When the [PTT] button is pressed or the
radio is put into "reverse" mode (tap the [*] key to enable/disable
"reverse" mode. The upper status display area will have an "R" to
indicate when "reverse" mode is enabled.), the TX frequency will be

4 The per-channels of a memory channel cannot be modified from the
keypad while in MR mode. The best you can do is temporarily cycle
through the TX power levels by tapping the [#] key. Once you leave the
selected memory channel in any when, when you return the memory
channel will be set back to its programmed value.

Reviewing the "Reference for UV-5R Menus" will show you in which modes
each menu applies and whether they are "read-write", "read-only" or
"not applicable".

Also there is no need for the radio to be in any particular mode to be
programmed by CHIRP. The requirement to be in VFO mode with the top
(A) display line selected is only for when you are manually
programming memory channels of the radio from the keypad.

I hope this helps,

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