[chirp_users] chirp flatpak (In need of a few brave souls)

Tony Fuller
Mon May 11 19:09:53 PDT 2020

Incoming feedback on the flatpak via CHIRP Issues page:

"I've followed your suggestions and everything works now. Thank you so much ;-)"

"Hello there, [m]any thanks for a solution. At this moment Chirp is running, with the use of flatpak."

There's no specific radio model usage in those issues but it I'll see if I can get those data points.

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Ok, new package with the following changes:

Changed to org.gnome.Platform//3.32

This is the LATEST that can be used, if you go any higher pygtk2 won't build, which a WHOLE other topic. Chirp really needs to be migrated to Gtk3.

Updated to the latest version of libxml2. Probably doesn't matter one bit, but the previous version was being downloaded from debian or something.

$ curl -LO https://hobbes1069.fedorapeople.org/chirp-20200430.flatpak
$ flatpak uninstall chirp
$ flatpak install chirp-20200430.flatpak

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