[chirp_users] CHIRP issue with OS X Catalina

Jean-Paul Louis
Sun May 10 12:37:06 PDT 2020

Hello all Catalina users,
Has anyone found why CHIRP now refuse to read the Desktop?
I always had my CHIRP files in a folder in the Desktop
since I got the MacBook, Circa 2014.
But since OS X Catalina, I get an error popup telling me
that CHIRP cannot read the Desktop and folders below.

It seems to be true for almost anywhere but my Home directory.
but this does not seems to be a safe practice as Desktop is
a folder in the home directory. It is the same with the folder
“Documents”. Is that a normal CHIRP behavior?
The only way I could make it works is to move the CHIRP folder from the Desktop to the 
Home directory. Why the CHIRP folder cannot be in the Desktop or in Documents?
I am at a loss here.

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