[chirp_users] Wouxun UV-KG2UV

Kenneth Strom VA3KRS va3krs at live.ca
Sun Jun 21 16:22:23 PDT 2020

The Wouxun UV-KG2d radios are:

FCC-Certified: WYTWOUXUN04

I own 3 plus a UV-KG3d.  Reason bought them as they are FCC-Certified.

If you managed to clone them and no Transmit, just enter the TX Frequency and PL Tone (if applicable) in the correct box.

And please save the Image File.

If you are re-programming multiple radios you can use a cloning cable or simply program them one by one.

If unsure, as the Company must have the FCC licenses handy you should find them and read them as they would have the frequencies allocated.

A Licensed Amateur radio operator can use one of these radios also on any Amatuer frequency.  Not anyone else, only to listen.

Besides, they are business radios for work only.

If for Commercial use, please program in a Password to block programming access to anyone other than the authorized Radio Programmers for the Company.

Programming commercial radios in the 1980s the most channels had to program was 6, that in a large Taxi company.  Very few businesses have many, usually one or two.

Again, please program in a Password and save the Image file.

Kenneth Strom VA3KRS

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